Now that my first year of uni has come to an end, I thought I’d do a little post on my accommodation. I applied for my accommodation in Exeter in April 2018 before I even knew I had gotten into the university. I was keen to be on campus in halls for my first year because I personally thought that would give me the best chance of getting to know the university and getting to know people who were also freshers. I applied to about four different halls for the same room type; single en-suite with a shared kitchen. Unfortunately, Exeter weren’t able to provide me with any of my four requested options, and I was put into a studio. The day I found this out I was a bit disappointed and worried that not sharing a kitchen with people would make finding friends a bit more tricky, BUT I can honestly say that being put where I was was definitely the best place for me.

Being in a studio in Birks gave me SO much independence and once I had settled in I fell totally in love with having what felt like my own little home. The amount of storage was amazing and the whole room actually became a very sociable space. Having two tables (a desk and dining room table) allowed friends to come over and study (one on the desk and one on the table) and have a cuppa and a chat with ample space for us. It also had ample space for hosting pre-drinks.

I quickly learnt that if you just prop your door open, people walking past down the corridor would come in for a chatter, but if you weren’t in a talkative mood you could just close the door and enjoy your own space.

The one downside to being in a studio is that the corridor becomes your large social space; trying to fit 15 people into a single room is a bit tight! This is fine when you’re in the mood to chat, but some nights when you need to get some sleep before an 8:30am lecture the night noise can get quite loud. BUT that is just student living and you adapt after a while.

One of my fav parts of my room was my desk area. As a law student, the majority of my time at uni revolves around reading. Lots of reading. So having such a great desk space with so much storage was amazing.

My bed lay opposite my desk, which had the most HUGE pin-board running alongside it. This became my memory space in my room, as I came to uni with a pack full of photos that provided the perfect feature in my room. This was my fav part of my room, as I could lie in bed and look at all the happy times I’ve had with some very special people which kept me smiling during hard moments.

I also lined the board with flower fairy lights and hung waterfall lights behind my bed to give the room a real cosy feel.

Being in a studio meant that my little kitchen was also in my room. The best thing about this is that you can literally roll out of bed, take two steps and you’re straight in front of the kettle and toaster to make tea and toast in the morning. As long as you keep the window open when you cook more smelly meals (e.g. salmon stir fry) the smell doesn’t linger in the room and you can enjoy your own cooking space that no one is going to tamper with.

I was also very fortunate to have my own bathroom as part of my studio. It was more of a ‘wetroom’ as there was no basin for the shower which took a while to get used to, but after a while it became second nature to have to make sure the bathmat was outside the bathroom before I turned the shower on!

I totally loved my first year in halls and will miss being in a studio next year! Although I am looking forward to moving into a house with my uni family.
If you want more details about halls in Exeter, have a look at:

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