After eyeing up their Instagram feed and website for as long as I can remember, I was thrilled when Rama Publishing contacted me asking if they could send me a couple of products. I opened these on my instagram, but thought one particular product needed a special mention on the blog.

I was most excited to have received the Ratio Notebook, a specialised notebook that’s been designed for law students to help with legal case notes. This idea is actually GENIUS! I have always carried bagfuls of flashcards around with me that are constantly getting lost, ripped and bent in my bag so being able to store all my cases in one sturdy book makes my organised brain very happy. The book is such a high quality and the attention to detail is stunning.

What I really love about the book is how accessible it is. The front of the book lays out how to use it to maximise your revision so that you can gain as much as you can from its use. The page layouts are designed so you only have to focus on the key parts of the case that you’ll be needing for the exam, helping out with your revision as the book does some of the note-cutting for you!

The books are sold at £7 each, a reasonable price to pay for an item that has such a good purpose and is made with quality and law exams in mind. In three different colours, you can also buy the books in a multi-pack, a purchase I know I will definitely be making as I plan on having one case book per module when I enter into second year.

I can’t wait to start studying again in September to start using this book, I can already tell it’s going to make learning cases a lot easier. Thank you Rama Publishing for gifting this to me – I can’t wait to place an order for more! x
You can purchase the Ratio Notebook and lots more gorgeous Rama Publishing products here !

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