Blurting. Sounds crazy, but trust me here, it works revision wonders. I originally found out about this method on YouTube but thought I’d write it on a little blog post because it’s a technique that’s really helped me in my law exam revision.
SO Blurting is essentially mind-mapping but in what I think is a more productive/testing manner. AND this is how I do it;


Each of my modules is divided into about 9 cycles, so I start my blurting by writing the cycle title in the middle of my page.


This is the testing bit. Without looking at your notes, write down EVERYTHING you can remember from the topic. This can be a timed, intense session or you can just take your time really thinking about what you can remember and try to get as much information down as you can. It doesn’t need to look pretty, just splurge it all onto the page and see what you can come up with. Basically, this aims to see how much you really know.


This stage allows you to test the gaps in your knowledge. Get your notes out and write down everything you didn’t remember onto the same page. I usually do this in a different colour to the original notes so that I can visually see how much I know/don’t know.


Once I’ve identified the gaps in my knowledge, I go back, re-lean and then blurt all over again. I probably go back to blurting for the second time about a week or so after the first, just to give my mind more time to fill in the gaps.
And that’s essentially it! Let me know if you have any questions and defo be sure to let me know if you give it a go. Just try it. Seriously.

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