Now my first year at uni has come to an end, I thought it would be quite fitting to do this tag I discovered on YouTube as a reflection of the crazy year I’ve just had.

Where do you study?

I study at the University of Exeter’s Streatham campus.

What do you study?

If you couldn’t have guessed from the name of this blog, I’m studying LLB Law.

What year are you in?

I have just finished first year and will venture into second year in September 2019!

Do you live at home or at uni?

During term time I live at Uni, in first year I lived in halls which you can see in this post here. Super excited to be moving into a house in September!

How old are you?

I am 19 years old.

What are your 3 uni essentials?

  1. Coffee
  2. Pasta
  3. Laptray (trust me)

What is your favourite meal to cook?

I’ve recently become obsessed with cooking any kind of risotto!

What is the latest you’ve been to the library?

I’ve never been a late night library person, so the latest I’ve been studying at Uni is prob 8pm, the latest I’ve been studying is probably 2am! Normally I prefer to get up super early and put the hours in in the morning.

Ever done an all nighter to finish work?


Your favourite university moment so far?

Probably all the time I’ve spent with new friends and having friends from home come up to visit so I can show them around my new ‘home’! ALSO Exeter at Christmas. It’s just so gorgeous.

One piece of advice for a fresher:

Push yourself out of your comfort zone at the beginning by trying new things and just be yourself.

Something you worried about for no reason:

Making friends! Every fresher wants to chat and meet new people so it’s not as scary as it seems.

If you have any more questions about my university journey, let me know in the comments or ask on my Insta @lucydoeslaw .

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