I’ve had lots of questions over on Instagram to do some posts about what to take/not to take to Uni. As someone who bought their whole life to uni, deciding what to put on this list was a bit of a challenge for me. BUT I think I’ve found 4 common things that you may be tempted to take with you, that you don’t really need.


Trust me, you will never use them. They way your degree is structured and taught is so remarkably different to any method of teaching you’ll have experienced before your notes will never be useful. Remember your degree is a lot more advanced, and assessed in a much different way to your previous exams so a lot of what you’ve studied before won’t translate onto your new programme. If you get through half the term and you feel like you need them, I’m sure they’ll be a way to get hold of them. But seriously, save the room in your car and your new room, just don’t bring them.


I have seen SO many photos of cars on the way to uni that are full of drawer units and HUGE storage boxes. You might not have room for these! It will make life a lot easier if you get to your room first, can assess if you need anymore and then you can pop to your nearest Wilkos and grab a little plastic drawer unit for £6. I didn’t bring any storage with me, and I’m so glad I didn’t because my room was decked out in little nooks and crannies to store things in – I only had to buy three little drawers to fit under my bathroom sink. If you’re moving into Halls, these rooms are designed with students in mind – so it’s very likely bringing a wardrobe with you isn’t going to be necessary!


By ‘Wardrobe’ I mean clothes. You don’t need to bring all your clothes. If you’re not wearing the tops at home, it’s very unlikely you’ll also be wearing them at uni as well. Think seasonly too, you don’t need to pack a lot of shorts and summer dresses for the winter term, you can always swap your thick coats for a lighter cardigan during the holidays! Although storage was great in my room and I had ample wardrobe space, I still didn’t bring all my summer clothes and sandals with me at the beginning, because this is just a huge waste of space that I can use for other things! Lets be honest, there will be lots of shopping trips whilst you’re at uni, so having a bit of space to fill with new clothes isn’t the end of the world!


If you know me or follow my Instagram (you should if you don’t!) you’ll know I’m a massive fan of all things re-usable to cut down on plastic. Luckily, as a student you’ll be bombarded with reusable things. For sure, bring one waterbottle, a re-usable coffee cup (couldn’t live without mine!) and a re-usable shopping bag with you, but just the one of each is plenty! I think I managed to collect 10 tote bags, three water bottles and two coffee cups in Freshers week. Yep. You get a lot of free stuff. I still keep finding tote bags I didn’t realised I owned all over my room! So trust me, one of each is fine at the beginning.

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