So, I’ve done a post on four things NOT to bring to uni, now it’s time for what you SHOULD bring to uni! Obviously this is just a subjective list based on my experiences, some of these things you may not feel like you need, but here are just four items aside from the essentials that I found helpful.

1 – Photos

If you’ve read my room tour post, you’ll know I lined my pin-boards with photos from home. This was my FAV part of my room. It bought the room in and made what felt at first like a very stark, standard room feel like home. It also always put a smile on my face to look at all the happy mems that I’ve been so fortunate to have. Even if it’s just a couple of photos, I guarantee it will make you smile.

2 – Doorstop

Being in a studio where there is no communal space aside from the corridor, having a doorstop was such an essential for me. It meant that during the first couple of weeks, I could keep my door open, and then anyone who walked past could come in for a chat and a cuppa. It was also super handy when we had corridor parties and we could all prop our doors open and wander in-between everyones room – making the corridor become as close to a shared kitchen as it could be!

3 – Printer

Every time I look at packing lists of what not to bring to uni, everyone says a printer is a waste. I totally disagree. If you’ve read my post on how to prep for lectures, you’ll have seen that printing off my lecture is such a HUGE part of the way I studied. I also printed my timetable weekly, past exam papers, essays that I’d typed up, notes that I’d typed up etc… the list goes on! Although there are plenty of printers around uni, being able to sort this all in my room the day ahead was obvs a big organisation tick from me. This might be something that you find out you need once you get to uni, but it’s defo something that I couldn’t have lived without!

4 – Mixed Herbs

Random. I know. But seriously these will transform anything you cook at uni! Your spag bol can taste pretty good, but add in some mixed herbs and it steps up a level. You can just buy these in the supermarket for about £1 and it’s so worth it. A little goes a very long way, they will last you forever and make your food taste super good! I honestly can’t think of a savoury recipe that I didn’t put these in.

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