I’ve recently completed a FutureLearn course on ‘Building Your Career in Tomorrow’s Workplace’ to expand my knowledge on how the world of work is developing and changing. I took away some really interesting key points, so I thought I’d give you a brief summary on what I’ve learnt.

1 – Artificial Intelligence

I’m sure you’re fed up of hearing how ‘AI is changing everything and soon we’re all going to be unemployed because ROBOTS can do our jobs!!!’. To be honest, I don’t think I ever really understood what AI was, so here’s a brief definition;

Computer systems being able to perform human tasks

Still sounds pretty intimidating? AI can actually be such an amazing enhancement of skills we already have. For example, in sport AI can be used to analyse a players performance to a precision that never existed before. The new AmazonGO store uses AI to track your purchases – take a look at this video, it’s pretty impressive. Rather than being a hinderance, AI is allowing services to be optimised, saving us time and improving the quality of life.

As Joe McKendrick stated, ‘AI isn’t killing jobs, it’s killing business models’, we simply need to start adapting to AI’s existence, because it’s definitely not going away anytime soon.

If this interests you, large global businesses such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have all joined together with others to create the ‘Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society’. Keep an eye on the website to see how best practices are being shared in the realm of technology for socially beneficial purposes.

2 – Life Long Learning

A lot of what I’ve mentioned above focuses on adaptation. But how do we adapt to all these changes? The answer – become a life long learner. A life long learner is a flexible worker with transferable skills who is able to learn effectively in self-directed ways. In short, you should be;

  • Communicative
  • Innovative ; think differently
  • Collaborative
  • Interested ; in learning and new ideas

If this sounds like you – GREAT – you’re half-way there. Now try and find somewhere to apply these skills and prove to people that you are a life long learner. The most in-demand jobs in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004, so the importance of adapting and having the ability to keep learning is at utmost importance.

3 – Personal Brand

80% of employers have been positively influenced by a candidates social media. 78% have been negatively influenced. In a time where social media is at the forefront of society, your ‘personal brand’ is being watched. With this in mind, take a look at your social media page and what it says about you. This isn’t a call to start sharing FT articles everywhere and to start bombarding everyone with news you find interesting (although a couple of articles won’t harm anyone!), but employers want to find someone who’ll fit in with their culture. They don’t want a robot how spurts out legal news, they want a personality that will work well with them, so make sure your social media is a reflection of you and what you want to achieve.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the changing workplace in the comments! FutureLearn have some amazing courses available – so have a look at them here!

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