Whether you’re about to start studying law, or you’re already deep into the grind, I thought I’d share with you my top five essentials that have got me through first year – that will defo be joining me in second year too!

1 – Ratio Notebook

The ‘Ratio Notebook’ from Rama Publishing is an absolute essential. This notebook is specially designed for law students to help you extract the most important parts of legal cases to aid you with revision. It already has a post of it’s own on my blog here – but it couldn’t go without mention as an essential. Rama Publishing also do the most GORG products and have an amazing ethos – so if the ‘Ratio Notebook’ isn’t for you – defo check out all the other amazing bits they sell here!

BEFORE YOU DO! I have very kindly been given a 40% discount code for all of you to use! Students need to save money right!? Use LUCYDOESLAW40 at the checkout!

2 – Zip-Lock Wallets

Being a student you get given so. many. pieces. of. paper. Like, seriously. SO I always make sure I have one of these wallets in my bag. They are so great at stopping pieces of paper from being crumpled, and means that you don’t always have to carry a huge folder round with you to store everything! They are super cheap and super handy – defo an essential for your uni bag!

3 – Re-usable Coffee Cup

If you don’t drink coffee now, you will be converted once you start your degree. For the early mornings and the late nights, coffee is your number one friend. Single-use coffee cups are defo not your friends, and are defo not friends of the environment – so be sure to invest in a re-usable cup! I think they look prettier, but they can also save you money on your coffee in the majority of stores! Win-win am I right!?

4 – Workwear

As a law student, you’ll be invited to attend lots of networking events with firms, as well as being able to apply for open days, vac schemes, TCs etc… for all this, a workwear wardrobe is SO necessary. Dress to impress and all that – so be sure to bring some smart outfits to get you through the term!

5 – LinkedIn Profile

I set up my LinkedIn profile during my first term of my law degree and it’s very quickly become a great tool. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with employers, follow businesses (great for commercial awareness) and your peers. LOADS of opportunities are advertised on LinkedIn, and it’s a great way to give yourself a ‘professional appearance’ online!

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