SO by the time you’re reading this, I will be just under a week away from going back to Uni! I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on here as to how I’m feeling about it…

1 – Studying Again

One of the positives to going back. Call me a nerd, but I actually really enjoy studying. I am someone who loves a routine and a purpose, studying is SO satisfying. Deadlines, learning new things, testing my brain and thinking critically are all things I really enjoy – so I’m looking forward to the study grinds in law school, the library, coffee shops or at my own desk with a big ol’ coffee.

2 – New Home

Going into second year also means going into a rented house with my besties. Aside from the obvious excitement about living with your best friends, I also love the chance to decorate a new room and get creative. My room is a lot smaller this year, with considerably less storage, so it’s going to be a challenge – but one I’m really looking forward to.

To be perfectly honest, after the long summer break (4 months!) the thought of going back to be solely independent in a new home is also daunting, and I feel very hot/cold about it – but I know that once I get settled again I’m going to absolutely love being back in the city surrounded by students.

3 – Applications

This is another hot/cold area for me. The thought of applying for vac schemes is stomach twisting. Although I am clear on where I want to apply (I think…!) and have had some amazing advice about the applications , the whole assessment and application process seems very daunting. There aren’t many careers where you have to think SO early on about what you want to do post-graduation. I know I’m going to be faced with rejection, but part of me is also excited about applying for a firm I’m really passionate about – I just hope my application demonstrates this!

4 – New Societies

Last year, I don’t feel as though I made the most of a lot of the resources Uni has to offer. SO I’ve made it my mission to join 2 new societies this year, as well as keeping up membership to the ones I joined last year. I know the two societies that I’m signing up for, so I’m really looking forward to getting involved with something new.

I’m also on the committee for a brand new society at Uni, so I can’t wait to see where that goes and I’m looking forward to brainstorming new ideas for us to get up to.

There are SO many things to look forward to in this new year. Yes, I have a HUGE amount of nervous energy about it, but I also have a HUGE amount of excitement about the unknown, and where I will be this time next year…

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