The winter season is PEAK time for revision and application stress, which also means it is PEAK time for you to really start looking after your health and wellbeing. Here are four things I have learnt that may help you.


Write. Down. Everything.

GUYS how are you going to keep on top of all your deadlines if you don’t actually know when they are/are just keeping them in the back of your very overwhelmed brain?

What I find really helpful is to timetable the month/week and highlight when the deadlines are so that I can see how close I’m getting to it. For me, this stops my brain constantly thinking about dates, giving the whole deadline season a lot more clarity.


Planning is so so SO key to making sure you can get everything done. I go about this by writing a list of absolutely EVERYTHING you have to do for the exam/application – this way, you have a visual guide to all your jobs. With this list, create a daily plan as to which tasks you want to do on which days to help you stay on track and ensure you can tick off your master to-do list!

I find that breaking down everything really helps make allll the overwhelming tasks seem a bit more manageable.


Taking a break and spending time on YOU can actually boost your productivity and motivation, as well as be essential to your wellbeing. Do not be afraid to take time to do things you love. Whether that’s meeting a friend for coffee, taking a long bath or eating the WHOLE bar of chocolate with a trashy film (lets be real… we’ve all been there… *more than once*).

I always start my mornings with some self-care. This is a habit I’ve just started thanks to Monika’s advice (see below) and it has had a really positive impact on how the rest of the day goes. Just waking up 15 minutes earlier to read a book and focus on myself has given me so much energy. And I’ve actually started to look forward to the earlier start!? Win/Win situation.


Having an external source of help can be SO beneficial. Whether that’s chatting to a friend, someone at Uni or a life coach – the advice of an additional pair of eyes and ears should never be dis-valued. I feel so fortunate to have had the help from Monika. She is an ex-recruiter who offers a blend of Life and Career coaching covering resilience, stress management, motivation and so much more – it can really be tailored to you. With specific knowledge of legal recruitment, she has been INVALUABLE reading my application drafts and my CV with a huge attention to detail. I honestly didn’t realise how many things I needed to watch out for!

Additionally, she has encouraged me to start my new morning healthy habits, and is always sending me messages with advice and motivation. I feel SUPPORTED and always look forward to our Skype sessions – 45 minutes where I can just focus on myself and how I can improve.

You can get into contact with Monika here;

Email: monikaedyta.coaching@gmail.com

Instagram: @monika_coaching

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/monika-ciereszko-87074944

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