SO many of you have been sending me messages on Instagram about finding it hard to stay motivated / struggling with routine during these uncertain times. This is something I can TOTALLY relate to. As someone who is always used to timetabling, waking up super early and working on average 8 hours a day – this period has shaken up my normal routine. BUT I’ve found ways to adjust, so I thought I’d share with you what an average weekday looks like.

STARTING THE DAY: 7:00 – 9:00

My family definitely aren’t as keen on the 6:00am wake-up as I am, so we’ve all compromised to a 7:00am start – I can be quiet in the mornings but as soon as someone steps downstairs – the dogs can’t cope with the quiet memo! When the alarm has gone off, I’ll do a 5 minute morning meditation using Headspace, before putting on some workout clothes and heading downstairs. Once the dogs are sorted, I’ll do a Zumba class if one has been uploaded – my amazing Zumba instructor is doing virtual workouts three/four times a week in the evening, but I prefer to catch up in the mornings to get my day started with a little fitness boogie.

I’ll then make myself a hot water with honey and lemon, and take that upstairs to drink whilst I shower, skincare, dress and put on a little bit of makeup listening to Radio 4. Getting properly dressed into clothes that aren’t pjs or ‘comfies’ really helps get me into a more productive mindset. When I’m all ready, the most simple breakfast of bran flakes, banana and oat mylk is served, and I check in on my phone and all the social media stuff. Around 8:30 I’ll make myself a coffee and take it up to my desk to answer any emails and write down my priority list.

THE MORNING WORK : 9:00 – 12:30

I used to be SUCH a timetable person – I honestly don’t think I’ve done a revision season without one. Apart from now. Timetables are a great way to visually see your week and when you’re busy going out to see people etc… but of course with lockdown, there’s no one to see and nowhere to go, so the whole timetable thing just wasn’t worth writing. Instead, I’ve taken to having 3 main priorities for each day, normally this looks like; condensing a topic, reading a topics academics and doing something law society, career or blog related. If these all get done quickly I’ll assess how much time I think I can work for and add to the list. Usually I’ll be working 9:00 – 12:30 with a 30 min break for a snack and chat with the fam at 11:00.

THE LUNCH BREAK: 12:30 – 2:00

At around 12:30, I’ll go for a walk, taking a dog with me, to get some much needed fresh air and movement into my day. If I’m going on my own I’ll always download a non-law related podcast to listen to to make sure that I’m having a bit of headspace away from anything work related. At the moment I’m LOVING Fearne Cotton’s “Happy Place” and Katie Piper’s “Extraordinary People”. Once I’m back, I’ll make and each lunch, spend probably too much time on my phone, grab a decaf coffee (only trying to be caffeinated once a day #healthqueen) and go back upstairs to do some more work.


Starting around 2:00, I’ll carry on with my daily priority list, often my day also has a couple of scheduled phone calls in too that I’ll have been preparing for and taking. I can’t deny that I’m a massive cake / biscuit fan, so at 3:30 I’ll get a slice of anything that’s been baked or something from the cookie jar and a cuppa, and take that back upstairs to my desk. My working time usually finishes around 5:00.

ENDING THE DAY: 5:00 – 10:00

Once work is all done, lets be honest, I’ll have a scroll through social media, and then will sit down with a book and take myself completely out of the world for a couple of chapters. Normally around 6:00 I’ll help make dinner, lay the table and do any chores that need to get done. The evening then either consists of watching a film or programme with the family, or getting into bed and watching a load of Netflix or YouTube.

Obviously every day has little changes in, but this is what the average day is currently looking like! Let me know what your #lockdown routine is in the comments or over on my Instagram @LucyDoesLaw !

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