Researching a firm can seem like a daunting task, and it’s often hard to know where to begin. So, here are the websites that I used the most when trying to get as much knowledge about a firm as I could!

1 – Chambers Student

Out of them all, Chambers Student was probably my favourite. There is such a wide variety of information here, and it’s gathered using the real experiences of trainees. I found it to be a pretty honest source of information – even mentioning deals that the firms have worked on (although they’re not all that recent so check up on the dates!). This source really gave me an insight into the culture of a firm.

2 – Legal500

This website is INTENSE. It’s pretty formal and businessy, arguably not as user friendly as Chambers Student, but it really does give a great insight into the sectors and work available from firms. You get an idea of the ‘Tier’ level of work that the firms are doing, as well as the key clients for the relevant sectors. The level of information is great and the website really gives you a rounded picture of the firms work.

3 – Firm Website

Have a look at the publications of the firm itself! Aside from just scrolling through the recent deals that they are undertaking – have a look at the blog posts to see what the lawyers are writing about. In one of my cover letters, I actually mentioned a post written in the firms innovation network’s blog and how that interested me and related to some work I was already personally undertaking.

4 – LinkedIn

A lot news you’ll find on the firms website is just mirrored on the LinkedIn profile. BUT every now and again I came across a CSR video or pro bono project write up that I didn’t manage to find on the website, posts that I actually found super interesting. By following the firm on LinkedIn, their work will just automatically come up on your homepage anyway – so you may as well keep in the loop!

5 – LawCareers.Net

This platform has some really great firm insights. They have firm publication and news write ups, and I personally found the ‘Meet The Recruiter’ posts really useful to find out more about what the firm are looking for. I also loved having a flick through the ‘Vacation Scheme Insiders’ to get a picture of what the scheme I was applying for looked like through the eyes of an undergrad like me – although this isn’t firm news that you can drop into an application, it does help give you a well-rounded view of what you’re aiming to get yourself into!

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