Aside from using legal websites, there are some GREAT legal podcasts out there, all aimed at supporting you with those dreaded applications. I normally listen to these on the way to Uni, or in the background when I’m cooking – you would be surprised what you pick up! Here are a handful of my favourites.

1 – The LawCareers.Net Podcast

A great website with a great podcast to run alongside it! This podcast covers a WIDE variety of topics, from law fairs to commercial awareness to the SQE… LawCareers.Net has your back! My personal favourite is Episode 6: Training Contract Applications – as even though I haven’t yet applied for that TC, knowing what a recruiter wanted to see on my application directly applied to my Vacation Scheme ones too, and understanding the dos and don’ts of applications was such a valuable insight.

Listen to it here !

2 – #StriveSpeaks

Run by people who have been through the process successfully, Strive Consultants host this podcast and give out some great tips! What I love about it is how down-to-earth and chatty the presenters are, it really does feel like you’re having a chat with a friend. My favourite episode is Episode 5: Assessment Centres. I remember listening to it on the train to an AC, and found it so useful for covering a full range of exercises that come up on the day. It’s reassuring and informative, what more could you want?

Listen to it here !

3 – Legally Pod: The Law Podcast

Run by The Lawyer Portal, Legally Pod has 6 episodes that each cover a very different area of the legal career – including an episode with The Secret Barrister! This is another friendly and chatty podcast, and my personal favourite has been Episode 5: How I Secured my Magic Circle Firm Training Contract – a great interview with a future Freshfields trainee that I found invaluable when applying to similar firms.

Listen to it here !

4 – Trainee Talk

Hosted by The Corporate Law Academy, Trainee Talk is a podcast with some great guests, covering all things that fit into your legal career journey. What I like about this podcast is the focus on personal development, and using your own experiences and challenges as fuel for success. Episode #21: The Psychology of Interviews is definitely up there with my all time fav episodes, a future Ashurst trainee talks through imposter syndrome and nerves, feelings I’m sure we can all relate to, so it’s always nice to hear from someone who is relatable but has gone on to achieve so much!

Listen to it here !

5 – The Bright Network Podcast

I may be bias, because I do feature on an episode, but I have really enjoyed hearing from other students on how they have secured roles in great places, as well as hearing their top tips and insights on how they got there! I was fortunate to have been interviewed in the Bright Network HQ for Episode 4, sharing my tips on gaining two Magic Circle Vacation Schemes – but aside from that episode (that you should defo listen to) – I really enjoyed Episode 1, where a future CMS lawyer talked through his journey to achieving the role.

Listen to it here !

The podcast world is a HUGE one, so I would love to hear what your favourite legal career podcasts are in the comments below or on Instagram @LucyDoesLaw. Commercial Awareness podcasts coming very soon…

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