I get asked SO many questions about the Watson Glaser test. Like – so – many. SO I thought I would do a little write up on how I managed it.

I’m fairly sure I failed my first Watson Glaser. I submitted an application, was immediately sent the test to do and then around two weeks later, received a rejection email. Which obviously could have been on the basis of my application, but here are some Watson Glaser mistakes I KNOW I made:

  • Not preparing in advance.
  • Not really understanding the tests’ purpose.
  • Overthinking everything.
  • Finding the real one A LOT harder than the short, practice ones I did.

Then – I turned it around. I know for a FACT that I passed three ‘real’ tests for law firms, so here’s how I did it.


Do you actually know why firms use the test? Do you actually know what it’s trying to measure? From what I understand, you are being tested on your ability to consider propositions critically, it’s essentially testing your ability to think like a lawyer – because if you can engage in critical thinking, you will be able to make better decisions.

I was also told by Grad Rec from a top international firm that the higher you score on the appraisal, the higher your chances are of passing the LPC. So if a firm is sponsoring you for the LPC, knowing that you have a high chance of passing it makes you a better investment.

The aim of the test is to independently come to conclusions that are objective, unbiased and informed. You are told not to apply any external knowledge to the situations and to take each circumstance at face value (which took me a while to get my head around!).


SO much of this test is about practice. It really does make perfect. I did practice tests in every single second I had free in a day. And whenever I was asked why I was doing so many – I always made the question asker sit the test… that taught them.

I will be completely honest, I went against everyone’s opinions and purchased a test platform. Which – I regret. It was pricey and totally not worth it because as soon as my money had disappeared, all the amazing free ones suddenly surfaced. Typical. Here are a handful of totally amazing free ones that you can use without losing your coffee fund:


Now you’re mastering the practice tests, it’s time for the real thing. There is one HUGE thing that really helped me pass this test, that I completely came up with myself (but if someone has done this before, congrats, we are on the same wave-length).

My Watson Glaser ‘Cheat Sheets’.

Now this isn’t a way to cheat the test. I defo don’t know how to do that and even if I did, it defo wouldn’t be the right thing to do. The sheets that I am referring to are A4 pages laying out the sections of the test. For me, one of the reasons I was overthinking the test was because of the instructions for each section. There are only minor differences between them and the instructions made them seem so. unnecessarily. complicated. I created five A4 pages, one for each section, with the instructions on in my own words! Here’s how the page would look:

  • Definition/purpose of the section.
    • “Inference: A conclusion a person can draw from certain observed or supposed facts
  • A text box with an example in.
    • “If someone enters a vehicle and turns the lights on, one might infer that this person is about to drive. However, they could just be verifying that the lights are working”
  • How the section is structured.
    • Statement of fact.
    • Possible conclusion that can be drawn.
    • Degree of truth.
  • The different answers available and what each of them mean.
    • “Probably True: In light of the facts given, it is more likely that the inference is true than false

After these were made, I didn’t look at the test instructions again. Once I got to the next section of the appraisal, I would read over my own sheets and my own words. Less complex, less panic, better results.

So, that’s essentially how I did it. With practice and with my ‘cheat sheets’, I was passing the tests and making it to assessment centres. Don’t give up if you haven’t seen a pass mark for a while, some people are naturally gifted at this way of thinking, others aren’t, just keep going.

Disclaimer! Everything I write is based on MY journey securing vacation schemes with three top law firms. It’s definitely not exhaustive and it’s important to remember that different people have different experiences.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. George Maxwell says:

    Amy have you published your ‘cheat sheets’ by any chance?


    1. Lucy Cole says:

      Hey! I don’t publish them – I think part of succeeding in the test is making them yourself.


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