APPLICATION PREPARATION: All you need to know.

Tis the season of application writing (at this point, I just wish it was Christmas), and preparation is KEY to ensure that you are in the best position possible to write a top application. Here are my four top tips to help you get your applications organised.

Narrow your list

It’s easy to see a lot of law firms that all do similar things and think – “I’ll just add it to my list”. This can be a dangerous mindset to have, especially when the list goes into double digits. Everyone has a different approach, but for me, concentrating on 6 firms and ensuring that those applications were tailored made the whole recruitment process a lot more manageable. And I can genuinely say I was interested in each firm for a very specific reason.

Use a table

Now you’ve got your list, use a table to start your research and work out the niche differences for each firm. Having everything all in one place helps with organisation, and will also help you visually see everything you need to do. You can find the table I used in this blog post.

Connect with the firm

In all my applications, I really valued and spoke about the interactions I had had with the firm. It’s a way for you to connect with lawyers, understand the firm in greater detail, and get those application gems that you can’t find on the firm website. Firms are more accessible than ever in this virtual world, and one great way to meet them is through Vantage’s Webinar Wednesday series! They have exciting events coming up with firms like Bird & Bird, which will allow you to actually hear from the lawyers at the firm. Invaluable. As a side note, they are also an amazing recruitment platform that actually allows firms to get into contact with YOU once you’ve completed your profile, which I think is amazing. Have a look at all their opportunities here, or on Instagram @vantage_app where they share top tips from legal professionals.

Know your worth

A lot of applications will ask you to write about YOU! Self-awareness is so important here. Never underestimate yourself and your achievements, be ready to shout them from the rooftops to get the firm to notice you. When I prepared my applications, I mind-mapped my CV and scribbled around what I gained from each experience and how it relates to wanting to work at the firm. This was super helpful to look at as a starting point to any competency question.

| Thank you to Vantage for sponsoring and working with me on this post. |

Disclaimer! Everything I write is based on MY journey securing vacation schemes with three top law firms. It’s definitely not exhaustive and it’s important to remember that different people have different experiences.

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